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This is about nobody in particular.
But, this is about you.
-Do not know the impact you’ve had on me
-Do not know how I’ve grown up without you
-Do not know how pissed I am at you
-Don’t know shit.

This is about you, the lack of you, the overabundance of you.
This is about how I see you and you not seeing me.
This is me wondering if you see me, hear me, read about me, think about me, want me.
This is me wondering why the fuck you talked to me in the first place.
This is me wondering why I never stopped you.

This is me not sure how/what to think of you.
This is me wanting closure, to hug you, to kiss you, to slap you, to punch you.
This is about nobody in particular, but it’s really about you.


On Summer

This summer was awesome. Why was it so awesome, you ask? Well….this:

Kitty wants those fish on Twitpic

d’awwwww. I took care of a cute kitteh for two and a half months. <3.

On Ripoffs and Popcorn

popcorn and movie
There was an article linked on Fark today to an article titled “7 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off”

Movie Theater Snacks
The Rip-off: It’s a law of business that captive customers pay through the nose. Proof: At an AMC Lowe’s theater in Manhattan, a 5.3-ounce bag of peanut M&Ms sells for $4.25. That hurts more than just your teeth.

How To Avoid It: Buy your snacks at a drug store on your way to the theater and stow them in your purse (it’s not like anyone’s going to check it). Less than one block from that same theater a Rite Aid charges $2.99 for an 8.2-ounce bag of peanut M&Ms–that’s 55% more candy for 30% less! — Melanie Lindner

Now, I work at a movie theater. As a person, I am well aware that the prices are steep, and a “rip off”. Prices at theater concessions suck because it’s where the theater makes the most money, and part of that money doesn’t have to go to a studio (some of the profit made from box tickets go to the movie studio that produces the movie). Every single shift I work, I deal with people buying $25 or more of soda/popcorn/candy. When I tell them their final price (plus tax), their reactions are always the same: “Woah!! That’s steep” “How do you get away with charging so much?” and my personal favorite, “Gawd, it’s like you’re raping my wallet” (emphasis mine). And each time, I try to look apologetic and smile and nod.

However, these exclamations of surprise are always irritating, because everyone knows that theater prices are expensive. It has been that way since I was little, and will probably continue until I’m old and dead. Also, if you order 4 or more items, then it IS going to be expensive. There are prices on the menu, and everyone can use the calculator function on their fancy little cell phones, iphones, sidekicks, etc to get an estimate of the price (before sales tax). Or, you could just use some good ‘ol mental math, and add 35 cents to get an even better estimate with sales tax (or just memorize the sales tax in your particular city).

In conclusion, if you do go to a theater, you should already be aware of the prices. It’s your fault if you choose to buy 30 bucks worth of stuff. Use common sense. If you must complain, do so to your friends and not employees. I don’t get paid enough (minimum wage) to listen to people bitching about how expensive their popcorn is and STILL pay for it. I can’t change the prices, so complaining to me accomplishes nothing. Oh, and the best deal is to get a large drink and a large popcorn, and take advantage of the multiple refills. If you’re hungry/thirsty enough and get enough refills, it should even out.

On the way to Wescoe..

On the way to Wescoe, I had an interesting thought.

As I was walking, I casually glanced at the salt rocks still gracing the sidewalk from the last snow.  Then I thought of an article about the flu in today’s UDK.  It’s common knowledge that the flu virus mutates, and bacteria eventually become immune to antibiotics. It’s also common knowledge that salt melts ice, which prevents me from breaking my ass bone on the way to Murphy.  Thus, as I was walking and casually glancing at the salt rocks, I thought,

“Man, I am so glad ice can’t mutate”

I mean, think about it. If salt can’t get rid of ice, what will we use? Garlic salt? Celery salt? Will we be able to use salt at all? And commute would probably come to a stand still, or in some cases, a slide still. We wouldn’t be able to use roadways, sidewalks, airports, or train tracks until all the ice melted. And then we’d hope that it wouldn’t freeze all over again at night.

And then I entered Wescoe and almost dozed off in speech.

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Haahahaha. I get on here to update my password and I find that the one of the top searches leading to my site is…….

“rob morrow sex”

Roflmao. If someone finds a good site with “rob morrow sex” on it, make sure to link me, that sounds hot.

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